WordPress 6.0 has arrived and with it comes dozens of new features and improvements to an already amazing CMS (content management system). Here are six reasons you should upgrade your WordPress website to version 6.0 today!

1) The new editor

Making your content easy and fun to read is easier than ever with WordPress’ new editor, which includes new formatting options and a distraction-free writing mode that hides all of your site’s sidebars. If you want a piece of content to stand out, you can now make it bold, italicized or even change its font type.

2) Site speed

Site speed is becoming more and more of a ranking factor for search engines, making it critical that you keep an eye on how quickly your website loads. This should be especially important if you’re selling goods or services online: research has shown that visitors tend to abandon slow-loading sites almost immediately if they don’t see an improvement in load time within 10 seconds or so.

3) Mobile browsing experience

WordPress 6.0 is optimized with a mobile browsing experience in mind. Even better, WordPress provides one of our favourite WP plugins – Jetpack – which offers a comprehensive mobile experience without sacrificing ease of use and speed of publishing while managing to blend in seamlessly within your standard WordPress installation.

4) Stable and secure

If you’re a WordPress user, you know that it’s a secure and stable platform that gives your business what it needs: efficient workflow and web design, SEO optimization and content marketing, built-in eCommerce options, customer loyalty management and much more. And with its latest release – WordPress 6.0 –you get just that plus more in terms of both speed and functionality. But if you are still running on WordPress 4 or 5, there are quite a few reasons why it is time to upgrade…

5) Template hierarchy in the visual composer

Template hierarchy in the visual composer is used primarily by developers and WordPress experts because it involves understanding the intricacies of the template hierarchy which is a complex topic and goes beyond just visual composer. For the purposes of visual composer, all you need to know is that a one-click page builder has its own set of templates (it doesn’t use any existing templates), so your content will be safe even if you have other page builders installed on your site and activate them with shortcodes inside visual composer. The only case when your content can get lost or overwritten is when you are using multiple plugins with the visual composer on a single page.

6) Widgets redesign

Widgets are one of WordPress’s killer features: they allow you to customize your site in countless ways and add social media buttons, events calendars, and countless other useful pieces of code. In an effort to make widgets easier to find, explore, and manage, WordPress 6.0 will redesign how widgets work – making them easier to find while also getting rid of outdated features that aren’t frequently used.

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